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Do you ship to Overseas Countries?
Yes, we can ship to any country, from Australia to the North Pole and everywhere in between.

How much will it cost to ship abroad?
For CDs the price given is exclusive of airmail shipping. Today the price for each full CD is US$ 25 without shipping. The prices for electronic versions of each manuals are given in the catalogue section.

How much information is on CDs? How much information is in a manual?
The contents varies. Some manuals are just a few pages, others a few hundred pages. Remember You are purchasing information, not pieces of paper.

May I get detailed information (table of contents, page count, etc.) about any particular manual before I buy it?
Yes, of course. Just e-mail us specifying a manual, about which You need detailed information.

Are schematic diagrams included in service manuals?
Service manuals contain schematic diagrams. If You don't need an entire service manual in such a case and a schematic diagram you need is available, then You can purchase only a schematic diagram.

Will the manual give me the answer to the fault I have?
Every manual is different. Some are very comprehensive, others just a few pages. Many include fault guides but not all. If You can read and understand schematic diagrams then You should be able to diagnose the fault with the information supplied. Please not that manuals cannot be returned on the basis of having insufficient information.

What is the difference between a Service Manual and an Operating Guide?
Service Manuals contain information for repairing the equipment. Operating Guides (sometimes referred to as User Instructions) contain information on how to use it. Some are combined into Service Manuals - These contain both Service and Operating information.

Do you supply just parts of manuals, I only need the Schematics?
We do not supply just parts of manuals on CDs. You can only purchase all the information available as is. But we also sell electronic versions of manuals as files. In such a case You can browse our catalogue for particular document You are interesting in.

What overseas shipping methods for ordered CDs do You use?
All shipping overseas is by airmail printed matter rate. Most should arrive within 7-20 days from dispatch. When shipping by courier mail we may use DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and GarantPost.

Can I download a manual from Your website?
Yes, You can. But only after we have received Your payment. In such a case You will be e-mailed with unique URL, where You can download the documents You ordered.

Can you e-mail me a manual?
Yes. If You have paid for Your order we can e-mail You Your documents as an option.

What format are the manuals?
They are supplied in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

How long will it take to delivery the CD collection to me?
All orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days or less. You should allow about 14 days for delivery on average.

Can you supply spare parts for my equipment?
Sorry, but we do not supply spares parts.

Can you offer technical advice with my repair?
Not yet. But this service is planned for the nearest future.

I have a NV2700 which You don't list. Is it the same as the NV3500 which You do list?
Examples like this are impossible to answer. If You ask us if one model is the same as another and we only have 1 in stock, then as we don't have the other one we cannot achieve the impossible and know if it's the same or not without comparison of both manuals.

Can you sell me an original manual?
Sorry, but we don't stock original manuals.

Where do you receive documentation from?
All manuals and other documents are converted, scanned, translated and by other ways prepared by ourselves.

I don't remember my user password? What can I do?
If You are a registered user and forgot Your password, then You can try our password retrieval system. You will need to enter Your user name. Your password will be sent to e-mail address You specified when first registered.

Thank You for Your interest in our products

If You cannot find Your answer from the above please e-mail us or visit our feedback section where You can send us an on-line message.

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